Augury Of The Aborted

from by Malodorous



Life's design refined
By evolution
Cells divide untwined
Acid Solutions

Within our realm lurks a fiend
A hostile enemy
The planet teems with predators
We pace the grounds of the Gods
In search of divinity
We carry within ourselves
The sacrilege

Contours refract mutilations

Purity my enemy
Synthetically sowing seed

Introduced to the system
Total unravel of immunity

They ravage all walking life
A feast of DNA
Exquisite corpse generation

Progenitors of the Gods — we are
A lifeless mass of disease — we are
The carriers of the leech — we are
The temple walls of design — they fall
Reevolution we slow to a crawl

And recombine

"I've conceived a thought:
My offspring would make quite a feast"

This is a coveted thought


Fodder for the grandest harvest

The undesirables are gathered and burned
They line the path to the gateway

Hell's architects are stirring within

Extraterrestrial beings will stride
Upon the broken body of mankind
Exhausting toxics caustic to all life
Through portals these devils will take flight

Bloodletting all we have wrought
Inhume the alien sheltered within

We are lost
And so we are found


from Augury Of The Aborted, released March 12, 2012
Alexander Eastman - Vocals
Mike O'Hara - Guitars
T-R3X - Bass, Drums



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Malodorous is an internet-based brutal death metal band with a focus on extreme sound and experimentation with members in both the US and UK.

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